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Mindful Fertility at ilumina Healing Sanctuary

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The Mindful Fertility Group was created to help you navigate the waves that come as you move through the process of trying to conceive. We will explore how the attitudes of mindfulness like trust, acceptance, patience, compassion can guide you in finding ease, comfort and peace.

Within the support of the group we will practice cultivating mindfulness through meditation and other experiential mindfulness practices. There will be time to share and process what is arising for you and we will explore ways you can work compassionately and skillfully with your experience.

The group will be led by Sheila Shervey, licensed Psychotherapist and meditation teacher. She specializes in women’s health and uses a holistic approach to help women find relief from anxiety, depression, loss, pre/postnatal mood imbalances and the emotional stress of infertility. Sheila has a private practice in Scottsdale and is also available for individual sessions.

Mindful Fertility at ilumina Healing
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