Possibly the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself.

And yet, you might feel disconnected from yourself, confused about what you are feeling and why, trapped by your own inner experience, hooked by relentless thoughts, caught up in habitual behaviors that aren’t serving you.

Therapy can help. At it’s most basic level I believe the process of therapy is the development of a relationship with yourself that is based in loving awareness. It involves a deep understanding of your inner experience and knowing how to take care of yourself.

Therapy is also a collaborative process where we will work together to uncover what is and isn’t working for you, find new ways to heal, and gain understanding and clarity.

I guide women in cultivating practices of mindfulness, self-inquiry & insight, deep compassionate body listening, setting boundaries, and getting really intentional about life through radical self acceptance. 



Meditation is a practice of reconnecting to yourself. A time for you. A time to rest in open awareness to whatever arises. It is a practice of deep allowing. We all need time throughout the day to stop, reconnect, rest and allow ourselves to just feel what we are feeling. Meditation is that opportunity. Meditation gives us information about our present moment experience. With that information we can make wiser and more compassionate choices for ourselves.

One Breath Healing offers an ongoing Women’s Meditation Group on Tuesday evenings


Holistic Wellness

Wellness does not happen by doing only one thing. Wellness is a convergence of many balanced areas of your life. One Breath Healing offers experiences to help you become aware of and clarify your needs around nutrition, spirituality, sexuality, your body, life’s work, community, health and whatever else feels important to you.

One Breath Healing’s holistic wellness modalities include therapy, meditation, acupuncture, women’s gatherings, book club, mindful movement and retreats.


One Breath Healing


About Me

My passion is working with women. I am so fascinated by the experiences women have as we move through life. Our bodies change, our wants and needs evolve and there is the ever present need and opportunity to find our own sense of freedom so we can liberate ourselves from suffering.

I believe there is such a great need to do our own healing work and not just for our own benefit but for the benefit of others as well. People need us to show up. People in your own family, community and the world. The only way we will be able to do this is if we get a hold of our own shit.

That involves a lot of self compassion and truthful self inquiry. Most of us need help with that process and that’s where therapy comes in.

Therapy can be one of the greatest resources for self awareness, awakening and healing.

More About Me

I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and have been a therapist for over a decade. My own healing crisis lead me to meditation. I began studying and practicing mindfulness mediation finding relief and comfort. I was forever changed.

My work is informed by Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindful Awareness Practices. My interest in meditation as a path for healing led me to UCLA where I studied at the Mindful Awareness Research Center.

I am also an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist which combines meditation, aromatherapy, reiki, mindful movement and restorative postures for the alleviation of physical and mental pain and suffering. I completed my Integrative Therapy internship at UCLA’s Palliative Care Program.

I have spent thousands of hours sitting with people during their most challenging times and have had the privilege of barring witness to tremendous healing. Healing looks different for everyone but one thing I believe completely is that there is a way out of the all consuming suffering so many of us find ourselves in throughout life.

I am licensed in California, license #53680 and in Arizona, LMFT-15266 . I provide therapy in person at One Breath Healing and virtually within the states of California and Arizona.