Therapy for Women

As women we spend far to long believing that we “shouldn’t” be feeling the way we do. That there is something wrong with us. We try, often unsuccessfully, to make our feelings go away. This holds us back from healing and living our fullest life. But…

There is another way.

What if, instead of avoiding your experience you turned your attention towards it. Is it possible that whatever is arising for you is worthy of your attention? Could it be that what you are experiencing, even if it’s painful, is illuminating a path for you?

The guiding principle in my own life and my work is that we can use our pain to wake up to our life and the world around us. That our pain is an opportunity. A call to action, pointing us in the direction to what needs our love and care.

I help women safely open to their pain in a way that fosters compassionate curiosity. Moving out of judgement and being self critical and into self connection and asking yourself the right questions. Questions like,

When do I lose connection with myself?

When do I notice myself doing things I don’t want to do?

What do I actually want to do?

What might my anxiety/depression/grief be trying to tell me?

What happens to my mood when I honor my wants and needs?

What experiences in my childhood hold the roots of what I am now experiencing as an adult?

Where do I find my own sense of freedom and autonomy within my relationships- with my partner, my kid(s), my family of origin?

What am I believing to be true? What else is true?

The answers to these questions are the pathway to your freedom.

I hold space for women as they:

  • process past traumas and explore new ways of feeling safe and whole

  • say out loud what has previously felt unspeakable

  • clarify boundaries and establish what they no longer want to do

  • find connection and autonomy within marriage and intimate relationships

  • find out what’s holding them back from engaging in intimacy and reclaiming a sexual identity

  • discover new ways to interpret anxiety and depression, finding in these experiences an opportunity to live a more intentional life

  • navigate the stress of infertility

  • issues within family of origin: codependency, manipulation, setting boundaries

  • transition to motherhood

  • adjust to new roles as family caregivers

  • move with grief and integrate loss into life

My work is guided by Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Feminist Theories, Mindfulness, Meditation, Somatic practices and my own life experience of being a wife, mother, daughter, meditator, griever, family caregiver and fellow woman in this intense and amazing world.

To book a session or for an initial phone consult call 818-585-2760 or email me, sheila@onebreathstudio.com. I look forward to connecting with you.