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Women's Gathering: Reclaiming our Voice


Please join for a special evening with Anita Malik, Democratic Candidate for Congress in Arizona's 6th District. She's a mom to two young boys, a wife and running for congress for the first time to be a voice of sanity and change!

We will be discussing, reflecting on and processing what it means to reclaim our voice and power in our lives and in our community. If you feel defeated or overwhelmed by what's happening this is the gathering is for you.

Women’s Gatherings are a unique way of being with ourselves and each other. Gatherings provide a path for profound connection through united wisdom, deep listening, authentic sharing and the practice of stillness.

Come be a part of the awakening and collective shift that is happening!

Gatherings uphold the principles of equality, mindfulness and reflection. Here are some of the guiding principles:

  • Each Gathering begins with an intention
  • Speaking is a time to practice saying what needs to be expressed inside of you
  • Everyone has a chance to speak although you do not have to 
  • Silence is honored as a worthy contribution
  • Speak and listen from the heart and with compassion