Mindfulness is a beautiful practice to reconnect to yourself and your experience. Within mindfulness you can find the ability to slow down, focus on what matters and acknowledge your own feelings, wants and needs.

Mindfulness is available to us all the time and can hold the entirety of our experience. No part of ourselves has to be discluded! This means you can bring your racing mind, distracted thoughts, anxious body, all of you to the practice and still engage in mindfulness. 

This is because mindfulness is simply about noticing. Noticing what is arising for you in any given moment and meeting your experience with the attitudes of openness and compassionate curiosity. Letting go of any judgement and expectations you have for yourself. 

There are many ways to practice mindfulness. One was is through a meditation practice. Meditation is quick to learn and simple, yet it’s not always easy. Meditation holds so many benefits: improved sleep, better concentration, greater self-compassion and empathy, increased feelings of gratitude, the list goes on and on.

  I help women, like you, reconnect to themselves through the practices of mindfulness and meditation. We spend so much or our time “doing”, caught up in daily struggles, distractions and thinking. In meditation there is very little “to do” beyond just being with yourself in a kind way.

It’s almost revolutionary that the relief you are looking for may lie in the simple act of slowing down, turning your attention inwards and practicing kindness towards yourself as you pay attention to your breath!


As a therapist I’m trained to help people navigate and work mindfully with whatever might arise when you begin to meditate. Many people come to meditation because something in life doesn’t feel right. Maybe for you that is something big like a loss or a panic attack or maybe you’d just like to feel calmer throughout the day. All is welcome. 

In the beginning most people find meditating on their own quite challenging. The idea of spending any significant amount of quiet time with yourself can feel unusual. 

I offer an ongoing Women’s Meditation Group which meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:45-8:00. This is a great way to learn and deepen your meditation practice within a community of supportive, like minded women. I have a variety of guided mindfulness meditations on my Instagram TV @onebreathhealing. Follow along and begin your meditation practice today. 

I am also available for individual therapy sessions that are based in the practices and principles of mindfulness.