The emotional stress of infertility can be exhausting and lonely.

Rarely is there a time throughout the month where your mind isn’t on it. The ovulation apps, pregnancy tests, specialist appointments, diets, injections, monitoring, blood tests and more! It can feel like your whole life revolves around trying to get pregnant. 

Infertility can feel isolating, disappointing, confusing and horribly sad. Possibly what you’ve done in the past to help yourself doesn’t seem to be working in the same way, in part, because you’ve never had this experience before. It’s new and comes with new emotions to navigate. 

A variety of intense and confusing thoughts may be arising for you. Relief when you find out you aren’t pregnant, anger when a good friend tells you she’s expecting, fluctuating emotional states about wanting and not wanting a child (even while desperately trying to have one!), overwhelming fear that you will have a miscarriage. This is so normal and yet you might be feeling very alone. 

On top of that it could be that the people you love don’t know what to say or they think they know what to say and it only makes it worse for you. Things like, “It’ll happen, just be patient.” “Have you tried…” “It’ll all work out, don’t worry.” Maybe you feel like your partner doesn’t fully understand you either. 

You need new ways of coping with, relating to and sharing your experience. Ways were you can feel supported, heard and understood.


Therapy is a safe place to explore and process your full range of emotions and decisions as you move through the process of trying to conceive. This may include healing from the loss of a miscarriage, deciding to start IVF, exploring feelings around adoption or donor eggs/sperm, staying connected to yourself and your wants and needs, being in alignment with your partner. It’s a lot. But you don’t have to do it alone. 

I understand. I have my own story with infertility, fertility treatments and loss. I will draw on that knowledge and my training as a therapist and mindfulness meditation teacher to help you navigate this chapter of your life. We will work collaboratively to find new ways you can manage the stress, anxiety and disappointments. You will have the opportunity to process grief, anger and confusion. It is possible to move with your experience, however challenging, with compassion and ease. 

There is relief in sharing your story and feelings. I’m here to listen and help you.