It can feel horrible not knowing how to help yourself. Desperately wanting relief but not knowing the way to find it.

Maybe you are seeking clarity and relief from your anxiety, or depression, or maybe you are having problems with your family or feelings of hopelessness. Although everyone comes to therapy with a different story the commonality is the experience of being in emotional pain and suffering from it. 

I help women find their way through and out of emotional pain and suffering. I use a holistic approach to help women heal and restore balance.

I hold space for women, like you, to open safely to their experiences. To heal what has hurt you and create new ways of being with yourself. Finding relief through the cultivation of self-compassion and wisdom. And being able to discern what the next right action and thought for yourself is.

What would your life feel like if you were finally able to make peace with yourself? What if you were able to move out of suffering and find a way to be with yourself where you could experience acceptance and clarity? 

Often, you don’t have much choice in what causes you pain. You do have a choice around how you respond to your pain. Therapy is a way to listen and respond differently. At times, this is hard to do by yourself but you don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to live your life suffering. Together we can find clarity and peace, a new way of being.