Anxiety feels horrible and can be all consuming. You may find that despite your best efforts you can’t get away from relentless and intrusive thoughts. You find yourself doing things throughout the day to try to manage your anxiety. Things like checking, googling, over eating, drinking, seeking reassurance, being hypervigilant and trying to distract yourself from yourself but your anxiety seems to only grow when all you really want is relief. Instead you’ve developed anxiety about your anxiety!

Freedom from anxiety is possible.

Anxiety is very common and yet often misunderstood. Sometimes it shows up through the body in various symptoms. Sometimes anxiety likes to spring forth seemingly out of nowhere, although it rarely is. The voice of anxiety is very creative and convincing coming up with problems that make you feel like there is actually something wrong with you. 

Anxiety makes your body and mind go into hyper drive becoming aware of sensations, sounds and inner experiences that either weren’t there before or maybe weren’t as “loud.” It can feel like the world got turned up a few notches and you are vulnerable and exposed. 

Anxiety can be difficult to figure out. In part, the experience of anxiety is like a dream. It often doesn’t quite make sense and it can feel disorienting and confusing. Like a dream it needs to be interpreted. You have to decipher anxiety to make sense of what it is trying to tell you. When you are caught up in anxiety this is very hard to do by yourself. You need someone.

I can help you find your way through anxiety. I have a holistic approach to working with anxiety. We will work collaboratively to find out what works best in alleviating the intensity of your symptoms and explore what your anxiety means for you. Therapy provides the opportunity to slow down, respond differently, to move closer to parts of you that are calling for your love and attention.

Through therapy you can learn new ways to help yourself and understand your experience. You will have the opportunity to tune into yourself, find out what you most want and need and explore questions like, what is anxiety trying to tell me? Where is my anxiety rooted? What do I believe to be true? What else is true? The answers to these questions are the path to freedom. 

You didn’t choose anxiety, who would? But you can choose how you respond to it. I’m here to help you respond differently. You don’t have to live your life suffering.