What We Believe

Our passion is working with women. We are a group practice of women therapists that specialize in women’s mental health. We are fascinated by the experiences women have as we move through life. Our bodies change, our wants and needs evolve and there is the ever present need and opportunity to find our own sense of freedom so experience happiness, meaning and joy.

There is such a great need to do our own healing work and not just for our own benefit but for the benefit of others as well. People need us to show up. People in our own family, community and the world. The only way we will be able to do this is if we really get to know ourselves. That involves a lot of self compassion and truthful self inquiry. Most of us need help with that process and that’s where therapy comes in.

Therapy can be one of the greatest resources for self awareness, awakening and healing.

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Hi, I’m Sheila.

The guiding principle in my own life and my work is that we can use our pain to wake up to our life and the world around us. Our pain is an opportunity. A call to action, pointing us in the direction to what needs our love and care. I help women safely open to their pain in a way that fosters compassionate curiosity. Moving out of judgement and self criticism and into self connection.

My work is guided by Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Feminist Theories, Mindfulness, Somatic practices and my own life experience of being a wife, mother, daughter, meditator, griever, family caregiver and fellow woman in this intense and amazing world.

Office hours: Monday- Thursday
Rate: $150/hr. (some sliding scale spots available, please inquire if needed)
Insurance accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield
Email: sheila@onebreathhealing.com
Phone: 818-585-2760


Hi, I’m Sarah.

I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 10 years and my therapeutic orientation is rooted in mindfulness and a person centered approach. In session I utilize a holistic approach that incorporates various treatment styles depending on the needs of each specific woman. Our sessions will be one of collaboration and healing, where we work together to find a new and better way of navigating the challenges that you are facing.

I pride myself on being relatable, real and warm. I am a mother to three young children and can relate personally to the struggles of fertility, childbirth and new motherhood. I feel that many of the challenges we face in these years of our lives are often not spoken enough about. Finding a space to process and work through these feelings is so special, and I hope to be a part of your journey.

Office hours: Monday- Friday
Rate: $150/hr. (some sliding scale spots available, please inquire if needed)
Insurance accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield
Email: sarah@onebreathhealing.com
Phone: 480-779-6117